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Debt recovery

Debt collection with the help of Collection Company Verdict is connected with performance of a complex of events which are aimed at encouraging debtor start returning debt to the creditor. To return debt the Company performs pre-court steps and actions as well as initiates debt return involuntarily (if other methods are outspent).

Collection Company Verdict offers all types of services of problematic debt collection, namely:

Pre Collection

Preventive affecting of debtors with the purpose of non-admission of overdue by means of SMS, e-mail, IVM, outgoing calls.

Gains for the Client:

  • Cost reduction on debt collection as well as bad debt allowance reduction due to the decline of share of borrowers with overdue payments;
  • Automatic control by strategies of the preventive informing, which substantially reduces the operating risk of failures.



Search and restoration of actual contact data of debtors. By means of Skip-Tracing service up to 30% of debtors’ contact information can be restored when it is fully absent.

Soft Collection

Pre-court distance procedures of collection of problematic debts (calls, direct-mail, SMS, voice-messenger).

Depending from the stage of work with debtor over 200 types of SMS are used, there are over 50 patterns of letters in use, over 40 schemes of negotiations are developed. The main task on this stage – to notify a borrower about debt appearance, to find out reason of overdue, explain the possible consequences of non-fulfillment of responsibilities before a creditor.

Hard Collection

Full pre-court procedure of problematic debt collection, personal interaction of field-collector with debtor.

On this stage all possible measures are undertaken for realization of the direct communication with a debtor.

Collection company Verdict counts more than 50 field-collectors on all territory of Ukraine.

Legal Collection

Arrangement and conduction of the process of debt collection via appeal to court and State executive service (GIS). “Verdict” carries out all, envisaged by legislation, judicial actions including:

  • Defense of interests of customer in the courts of all instances;
  • Presentation of interests of customer during work with GIS;
  • Work with notaries.

Оперативные данные работы за 2019 год:

Soft collection (письма, SMS, звонки):
• Более 200 операторов собственного call-центра провели 2,5 млн. переговоров с должниками
• Отправлено более 400 тыс. писем и 4 млн. SMS

Skip tracing (поиск информации о должниках):
• 30 % должников найдено при полном отсутствии информации от заказчика

В 2019 году собрано более 650 млн. грн.